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Tabular alumina

Short Description:

Sintered alumina, also referred to as tabular alumina, is made of imported industrial alumina as starting material by fast sintering in super-high temperature shaft kiln. Its microstructure is featured by closely packed well developed granular corundum crystals with a wide size range and many intra- and intercrystalline pores. The product is characterized by high purity, low alkali level, high strength, good thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance. Used as aggregates and powder in alumina-based and alumina-contained refractories, it has been widely used in metallurgical industry (such as ladle lining refractories, sliding plate, purging plug, well-block, stopper, long nozzle and submerged entry nozzle for con-casting, etc) and other industries like ceramics, petrochemical, glass, etc.

Size availability:

Sizes from 20mm to under 2μm can be provided.

Product package:

25kg/bag, 1000kg/bag, or other specific packages according to users’ requirements are available.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Data sheet of JGS-99 sintered alumina

  Specification Typical values

Chemical composition%

Al2O3 (By

subtraction method)





Na2O ≤0.40 0.30
SiO2 ≤0.15 0.09
Fe2O3 ≤0.07 0.05
 Fe, %

Magnetic Fe





Bulk density g/cm³






Apparent porosity%






Water absorption%






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